Sabias palabras de un loco callejero (Fabiocomplejo 2014)

What do you think the meaning of life is?

- To live.. and to live in the mistery and to find purpose.. and to live in the NOW.. MAGIC! of NOW! 

What’s your most adventurous memory?

- THIS! i remember this! this is an adventure! This is the memory! ooooohH!

What advice you have for younger generations?

- Younger Generations..? *sigh* Live in the moment, don’t get old, don’t judge people.. because you CAN’T be FREE if you judge people.. Love now, create, inspire!!!

How do you define freedom?

-By doing what you love

What do you love?

-This.. The moment.. Love Now!.. It repeats.

What other advice do you have for us?

-That you are already doing.. you’re always doing what’s in your heart, you can’t get away from your heart. Because life is a paradox, it’s a mirror of confusion.. So, love NOW.

Who do you love?

- I love.. ALL of you!!

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